Who We Are

Based in Europe’s leading IT hub

Global management team

World wide software developers

Best practice software solutions … stable, secure

Web based, online software solutions

Software used by “tenants” around the world

“New age” online management practices


Some of our clients around the world are:

  • MTN
  • Raptor Vehicle Tracking
  • Smhart Security


Products and Services

The Head Shed’s premier product is an online software platform built for managing and hosting vehicle tracking services around the world using clients IoT devices such as GSM / GPS vehicle tracking units. 

The mainstay of the company’s products, this is a web based management platform used for the management of assets, primarily vehicle tracking products. Being internet based, it can be used around the world to manage an organisations vehicle tracking initiatives. It provides a complete asset and vehicle tracking solution … 

Fully integrated, modular end to end solution

  • Tracking unit stock management
  • Tracking unit installation and testing into vehicles
  • Loading of customer contracts
  • Integrated billing and debtors module (debit order runs)
  • CRM
  • Activity Log
  • Control Room 

There are two points of entry for users of this software solution

  • Management : your organisations management and operating personnel access the Head Shed IoT Software through The Head Shed Software Company website. This enables you to perform the day-to-day functions of your tracking initiative
  • Customers : Your customers view their tracking solutions (vehicles and other assets) by logging on through your own website. This is enabled by a URL link from your web site directly to your copy of The Head Shed IoT Software and its associated database.

Contact us

  • enquiries@headshedsoftwareco.com

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